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Copal Amber

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RM-16 Copal Amber
RM-16 Copal Amber
Price: $250.00
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RM-50 Copal Amber
RM-50 Copal Amber
Price: $236.50
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RM-55 Copal Amber
RM-55 Copal Amber
Price: $247.50
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Copal Amber comes from Tanzania and is also a tree resin, like Baltic Amber, except it hasn't fully fossilized.

It is usually only thousands of years old, instead of millions of years.

The color is a bright yellow that can include swirls of clear to white.

On the Mohs scale of hardness, it is between 2.5 to 3, very soft.


Amber calms the nerves by releasing anxiety and tension, irritation, & feelings of being overwhelmed.

Alleviates depression, & increases clarity of mind.

This is a very good stone for someone who is grieving or depressed but needs to make important decisions.


Amber should be protected from scratches and harsh blows, although it can be easily polished by us or another jeweler.

Some amber will lose their finish in ultrasonic cleaners, so it is best to avoid ultrasonics and

simply clean the amber by wiping gently with a moist cloth .

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